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A Quick Visit To London

On the 3rd August, I popped up to London to visit with Miss Foxx and She Controls for lunch and later on to attend the London Foot Party with She Controls. 

After a relaxing lunch with Miss Foxx who is even more gorgeous in person, She Controls and I headed back to our hotel to relax before getting ready for London Foot Party. 

LFP was My first experience of a dedicated foot fetish party and it was quite fun, however, I would much rather have a dedicated party to My feet only! ...and perhaps a few of My closest friends ;)

I'm really not a fan of competing with other Women for the attentions of men, instead enjoying a dedicated stream of devoted acolytes to My Superior Dominance. 

But it was a fun experience as I do enjoy feet loving males and having My feet worshipped. 

My trip to London was fleeting as I had a wedding to attend to out of London the next day so I have arranged to visit London again in September from the 1st to the 3rd as a friend from Las Vegas will be in London and I haven't seen Her since My slave-funded trip to New York City back in 2011! 

For those of you who like to "foot the bill" for the Dominant Goddess they adore, here is what you can reimburse Me for: 

  • Flights to London - £100
  • Hotel - £300
  • Transport - £50 (and any ongoing Uber trips I may take, see My Twitter for those!)

Yes, I am taking bookings for foot worship sessions, cashpoint meets and shopping experiences for those dates, so head to My Real Time page to book your place. 

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How To Watch Online Porn In The UK

As news will have it, the UK is set to ban online porn in 2018. Queue eye rolling... 🙄

Well if you're wondering how you're going to be able to watch online porn in the UK and get your kink, fetish, femdom and other perversions fix, I have the answer for you, because of course I do! 

If you haven't already, you should be using a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and for a nominal monthly or annual fee you can have your computer's ISP location routed through another country. 

This not only makes it possible to watch online porn in the UK but also allows you to surf the web anonymously, reducing targeted advertising and targeted restrictions to specific areas. 

The VPN company I use is AirVPN. I did a lot of research and trial and error before I settled with AirVPN and their service has been fantastic. 

You can't watch Netflix while your VPN is running and on some websites you might have to change the language or currency because their site picks up the country it thinks you're accessing it from, but on a whole, My AirVPN app is set to start on start up and so I'm protected as soon as I go online. I also chose it because it works so well with the Apple iOS and you can use it on your iPad and iPhone.

If you want to double up on your online activities secrecy, I recommend doing your "naughty" stuff on the Tor Browser. Using both a VPN and Tor Browser at the same time makes it virtually impossible for your activities to be traced.

Now the Tor Browser behaves a little differently to the browsers we are used to using, but you can read up on how best to use it

I don't know why the world has suddenly gone puritan, but I don't expect that it will last. Before we are religious, we are human and some things religion can never surpass. 

Full disclosure: the link used to AirVPN is a referral link, meaning I get a tiny payback for every sign up via My link, so thanks for the support! 

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My Favourite Gifts Received in June

I adore being surprised with gifts specially selected from My extensive wishlist but sometimes I also collect gift cards and save them up in order to buy something I really want. 

In June, I had My eye on a beautiful designer bag from Roberto Cavalli, it is black leather with a gold panther head clasp. In fact I own a matching wallet in croc leather too, also from some inferior a couple years back.

For this bag, I made one of My Onlyfans pets send Me a series of Amazon gift cards in quick succession and then bought the bag, he was very happy I bought it with his money.

Matching wallet

Matching wallet

The second gift that I really loved in June are these stunning red velvet heels that complement My pretty feet so well, wouldn't you agree?

I will be filming a new fetish video wearing them very soon!

Want to see YOUR gift mentioned in My blog? Go shopping and remember to leave a note with your gift ;)

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June Financial Domination Summary

June was a fun month of financial domination and fetish fuckovers! I released My Seven Days of Ass Worship video series and it caught a few big ass-loving fish in My net of findom seduction! 

Number 1 paypig was johnny who spent a cool $1635.92 on ALL My ass worship videos but mostly on the Pay-To-View emails full of sexy pics of My magnificent ass that I sent him that inspired multiple three digit tributes from him. Such a shame he tapped out before we could hit the $2K mark! I'm coming for you johnny, heeeeears MADAME! 😈

Just a snippet of his spending on Me! 

Just a snippet of his spending on Me! 

Others who spent over $100 in the month of June were a good lil subbie coming in at $527 (My cut) after we had a 74 minute call at $3 a minute to the tune of $151 which inspired him to send Me a $220 tribute ($154 My cut). 

Then another ass kisser bitch bought all of My ass themed videos to the tune of $142 (My cut), some English guy who apparently drives a Bentley spent a total of $117 🙄, K went on a clip binge to the tune of $110 and I drained kev of around £100 in one cam session on Adultwork.

Just some of June's feedback on My femdom calls and fetish videos. 

Just some of June's feedback on My femdom calls and fetish videos. 

In other news, I re-designed My Niteflirt profile and it has been bringing in more sales than ever before, I've already made over half My monthly Niteflirt goal in the first week of this month! You boys love My incredible fetish videos! 

One of My favourite means of seduction and mind fucking is to get you so very turned on by Me and focused on how incredibly sexy I am while I whisper humiliating and debasing words into your mind, re-programming you to enjoy My power over you and deeply internalise just how inferior you are to Me.

This trigger is so easily used by Me ongoing and when I tap into it, you become My automatic pay-bot, only able to feel the rush of being controlled and used by Me through paying Me and like any good addiction, you need to spend more every time in order to feel the rush as good as the last time. 

I will program you to only find pleasure through paying Me and you will never know a bliss quite like the one I conjure in you. 

Now, go click and pay and stroke and pay some more!

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