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Results of My Hypno Subjects Survey

I recently published a "market research" survey to learn more about the motivation in those of you who enjoy being hypnotised wether it be erotic hypnosis or femdom hypnosis or something in between. 

The results were very enlightening and definitely will help Me to streamline and laser focus My future content production. For instance, while I prefer making hypnosis recordings, the unanimous vote is for hypnosis videos. No more recording in My PJs I guess! :) However, this doesn't mean that I won't make erotic hypnosis mp3's, there are some ideas that can only be recorded by voice only, fantasies that wouldn't work on film, the kind you need to close your eyes and get lost in you see ;)

I already have a list of about 100 ideas for new content but the response to My "What kind of hypnosis theme(s) would you like to see Me create?" question has given Me a ton more. Of course I won't be creating everything that was suggested as some themes I simply have zero interest in whatsoever and I create what is fun for Me to create rather than simply to make money. 

I'm glad I asked this question because you listed some places that I've never heard of and may be places that I can share My content. 

I also asked you "Why do you enjoy hypnosis?" and the unanimous response was "loss of control" in some way. 

You can still take the survey and I may publish more results when there have been 200 responses but I think that we already get a very good idea of how hypno lovers enjoy hypnosis.

I definitely have many scripts to write, record, edit and upload so I'll be a very busy Goddess!  

If you would like to add a comment on this survey or your own likes and dislikes when it comes to erotic or femdom hypnosis, simply leave a comment below. In fact that would have been a good question to include, what you DONT enjoy in hypnosis! :)

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