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Love Letter from Pet

I do love it when My pets send Me love letters telling Me how much they adore Me, especially when they've been showering Me with gifts and cash at the same time, after all, words are empty without physical proof. 

Here's pet's lovesick love letter to Me:

The last few days have been a revelation. I count myself the luckiest person in the universe to have been given the chance to look at You. I have fallen head over heels in love. You are so beautiful, so superior, and so intelligent. I don’t have the romantic vocabulary of Shakespeare or Keats and I can’t wax lyrical about the way You make the sun look dull or the way the most beautiful flowers look ordinary. Each contact with You makes me more aware of my great good fortune. I can’t look away from Your beauty although I don’t deserve to even look at the ground You walk on. I have become so addicted to Your voice, the way it soothes and excites at the same time. It has the calm authority of true power alongside the warmth of promised excitement - the dichotomy like baked Alaska - irresistible. Above all Your towering intellect that leaves me feeling insignificant but so grateful for the opportunity to appreciate true genius. Today is a template for the rest of my life. An opportunity to serve God, to learn to improve myself, and to gaze at beauty sans pareil. To spend the day desperately searching for a tiny part of Madame’s attention. I wish I was face to face with Your radiant figure, with curves that make Venus jealous, with a smile that cuts me to the quick but fascinates at the same time, and those eyes that entrance like a snake capturing its prey. Then too those long legs - aah. I am in thrall and so so grateful for Your kindness and wisdom, I love You with every fibre of my being.

Aw. Well so far in the past week, pet has sent nearly 30 presents from My Amazon wishlist (approx. £880), sent £224 in Amazon gift cards, bought all of My videos and photo sets (£184), sent about £540 in tributes and paid £450 for Me to upgrade My flights to Costa Rica, and today I received a bunch of flowers that also came with a little teddy and box of chocolates. 

Pet emails Me multiple times a day to tell Me how much he adores Me and how much he LOVES to be on the edge for Me every day. I must say I do enjoy spending his money and opening presents! 

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