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June Financial Domination Summary

June was a fun month of financial domination and fetish fuckovers! I released My Seven Days of Ass Worship video series and it caught a few big ass-loving fish in My net of findom seduction! 

Number 1 paypig was johnny who spent a cool $1635.92 on ALL My ass worship videos but mostly on the Pay-To-View emails full of sexy pics of My magnificent ass that I sent him that inspired multiple three digit tributes from him. Such a shame he tapped out before we could hit the $2K mark! I'm coming for you johnny, heeeeears MADAME! 😈

Just a snippet of his spending on Me! 

Just a snippet of his spending on Me! 

Others who spent over $100 in the month of June were a good lil subbie coming in at $527 (My cut) after we had a 74 minute call at $3 a minute to the tune of $151 which inspired him to send Me a $220 tribute ($154 My cut). 

Then another ass kisser bitch bought all of My ass themed videos to the tune of $142 (My cut), some English guy who apparently drives a Bentley spent a total of $117 🙄, K went on a clip binge to the tune of $110 and I drained kev of around £100 in one cam session on Adultwork.

Just some of June's feedback on My femdom calls and fetish videos. 

Just some of June's feedback on My femdom calls and fetish videos. 

In other news, I re-designed My Niteflirt profile and it has been bringing in more sales than ever before, I've already made over half My monthly Niteflirt goal in the first week of this month! You boys love My incredible fetish videos! 

One of My favourite means of seduction and mind fucking is to get you so very turned on by Me and focused on how incredibly sexy I am while I whisper humiliating and debasing words into your mind, re-programming you to enjoy My power over you and deeply internalise just how inferior you are to Me.

This trigger is so easily used by Me ongoing and when I tap into it, you become My automatic pay-bot, only able to feel the rush of being controlled and used by Me through paying Me and like any good addiction, you need to spend more every time in order to feel the rush as good as the last time. 

I will program you to only find pleasure through paying Me and you will never know a bliss quite like the one I conjure in you. 

Now, go click and pay and stroke and pay some more!

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