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A Little Note On Compliments...

Despite My mentioning this regularly on My Twitter, compliments without cash, go in the trash and let Me explain to you why.

We Women, and especially We Dominant, Superior, Stunningly Beautiful and Exquisitely Intelligent Women, have been complimented every single day of our lives since We were born.

We have heard it all and We have heard it better than you can ever hope to utter from your inferior mouths and muddled brains. 

We do not need your compliments and quite frankly, wasting Our time by sending a message to tell Us what you think is insulting when you could just as easily send the very same compliment in the message section of a cash tribute. 

Words are meaningless and forgettable. Your words, I've heard a million times before mean exactly zero to Me and earn you no favour, in fact they have the opposite effect.

I am not flattered that you wasted My time by making Me read your message.

I am not flattered by your opinion to Me since your opinion of Me is insignificant. My opinion of Me is the only one that matters and nothing will ever change that.

A concept I am sure you cannot fathom since your entire existence relies on the acknowledgment of unattainable Women. 

So the next time you want to tell Me, or ANY Woman, what you think of them, stop, get out your credit card, and send it along with your cash.

Send enough cash and you may even be acknowledged. I mean, that's what you wanted wasn't it? A response? Some kind of attention reward for your mealy mouthed "compliment"?

So, now you know, and you can thank Me, with cash, for this lesson on how to be a better male in a world of Women you so desperately want attention from.

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