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Femdom and fetish hypnosis domme providing hypno fetish brainwashing video content. 

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Financial Domination

Most men think they aren't into being financially dominated and they are all wrong. What men are into is Women and danger and even better, dangerous Women. I am that Woman.

I have an insatiable lust for the money of men. I don't need it, I just want them to not have any. I want to use it, to spend it, to disable men from spending it on their undeserving selves. 

I will addict you to spending on Me until the only way you can be aroused is when you spend on Me. You will spend more than you thought you would and you will discover that you really, really enjoy it, in fact, you may even live for the rush, thinking of more and more ways you can afford to indulge.

My insatiable greed will be your driving force in life and you will feel alive for the first time ever.

You will crave My attention daily but only be able to gain it through financial sacrifice to Me. 

THIS is what you have been craving.


Financial Servitude

You don't deserve money, money is not for you to spend. You deserve to work for Me to ensure I always have what I want, whenever I want it, because if you don't, you will be starved of My acknowledgement, and that, is akin to death. 

You harbor a deep craving need to be of service to a Dominant Goddess who reminds you of your inferiority each time She spends the money you earned for Her. Her pleasure, is your pleasure. 

You can only feel satisfaction in existing when you are being of use and benefit to your Goddess. 

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Apply to Serve Me Financially

Serving Me financially is tailored to your individual capabilities, what you can afford and how often. What you get in return is fulfilment of your need to either serve, or be used and of course, the pleasure of knowing I am enjoying your money. I do NOT do blackmail

In order to apply, send a $300 tribute via one of the options below with a message introducing yourself to Me. No, you may not pay any other way, subs who are serious about wanting to serve play by MY rules and do things the way I want things done. 

Just want to treat Me?

Visit My Tribute page to send Me a gift. 

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