Madame Says

Femdom and fetish hypnosis domme providing hypno fetish brainwashing video content. 

Many of My servants love to take care of some of My common weekly expenses for Me, pick one and send tribute with a note thanking Me for the opportunity to foot the bill or simply send a tribute of any amount simply to thank Me or in the hopes I will notice you. 

Massage - $65

Hair Cut - $75

Drinks with the girls - $65

Lunch with the girls - $100

Manicure - $45

Pedicure - $55

Waxing - $55

Dinner with a date - $100

By paying tribute you are acknowledging that you understand that you are never owed anything in return for your tribute, as it is a gift.

Send Gift Cards

I LOVE to receive gift cards from Amazon UK at any time, click here and send to madamesays @, you can leave the message section blank or write Me a sweet message of gratitude. 

Other gift card options are ASOS, Zara Home and Net-A-Porter but please only £100 or more to make it worth shopping there!

Send Me Gifts

Shop My Amazon Wishlist and know that whatever you select I will be very pleased with! I tend to My wishlist like a loving gardener, pruning and planting constantly, so there is ALWAYS something that I want immediately available for you to send Me. 

Direct Deposit Cash

This is My FAVOURITE option to receive your gifts of adoration and appreciation. You can download the Circle Pay app to your phone and send cash to Me at madamesays at gmail dot com, however I ask that you do not send any message or images along with the cash, except to say thank you. You are to remain extremely discreet with this option. I receive 100% of your gift unlike other tribute options such as as where I only receive 70%. 

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