Madame Says

Strict Disciplinarian - Sadistic Dominatrix - Sapiosexual Femdomme

Do you see novices/newbies to discipline?

Yes, absolutely. I delight in introducing you to the pleasures of pain, administered slowly and then sharply so you can experience the full range of bliss.

Will you leave marks on me?

Only if that is what you request. As an experienced and well trained disciplinarian I know how to give you the experience without leaving a lasting trace.

Each session with Me is tailored to your specific desires or requirements. Some want to be marked and feel the burn for days to come and others don’t.

Not all spankees are the same ;)

Will I have to be naked for the session?

While I do prefer a Clothed Female Naked Male protocol, if you wish to simply drop your trousers to expose your buttocks, I will allow it.

For sessions that involve more than just corporal punishment, I usually require you to at least be in your underwear.

However, we can discuss this prior to the session beginning.

Yes you may, however you will need to bring your own change of clothes to change at My premises.

Can I dress as a woman during a session?

No, I dress elegantly and comfortably and do not remove any item of clothing during a session, unless it is a foot worship session whereby I will remove My shoes.

Will you session naked/topless/bottomless for me?

Absolutely not. I may allow you to relieve yourself by your own hand, if you have earned the privilege.

Will you give me a happy ending after the session?

It may be possible to arrange should I be in London and one of My Domme friends has availability.

I would like to be disciplined by two women at the same time, can this be arranged.

I am very busy with not only sessions, but My other business and life in general.

I respond when I have the time and if your message was written respectfully and not an essay.

Impatience gets you ignored and/or blocked.

I emailed you and haven’t had an immediate reply…

I see you have posted some photos of your slaves in session with you, I am concerned about privacy and do not want to be photographed or filmed.

I only post pictures with consent, you needn’t worry that I will photograph or film you without your consent.

I provide discipline in a domestic setting, not a dungeon.

It is simply and comfortably furnished.

When I am on tour, I provide sessions in My hotel room or suite or at a privately booked dungeon at your request (and additional cost).

What is your in-call space like?