“If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning” - Aristotle Onassis


Like any woman, I adore receiving gifts, daily…

The fastest way to pleasure Me is to send Me e-gift cards from My favourite retailers:



Honey Birdette


Since I travel so often, a travel gift card is always greatly appreciated.

Please send gift cards to madamesays@gmail.com

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Other gift ideas

Frequent flyer miles, private member’s club memberships, hotel reward points, a Sardax portrait commission.

If you would like to bring a gift to your session…

Have a look at the Personal Interests section at the bottom of My About page.

I love white roses or exotic bouquets, pink champagne and gift cards from just about anywhere (John Lewis, Zara Home, Selfridges, iTunes to name a few I like).

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