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Your details are strictly confidential and for My own safety only. In accordance with the UK data protection act, your details are never shared with a third party. Please be aware, this is My tax paying business, I have zero interest in using your information for any other reason except to know who I am allowing into My personal space.

All fields are required, any field left blank will void your booking application and you will not receive a response. ALL information requested is essential for Me to know in order to decide whether you will be allowed a session with Me.

Please ensure that you have thoroughly read My Appointments page (including the Terms and Conditions and Etiquette sections) and My Interests page before applying. If you have any questions, use My Contact page.

Name *
For Twitter, just type your "@xxxxx", for Fetlife and Linked In, the link to your profile. This is so I can have a better idea of who you are.
Details of each session type are on My Appointments page
Date you would like to book *
Date you would like to book
I require 24hrs notice, no same day booking. For FMTY, I require 7 days notice. If you have flexible dates & times, let Me know in the section under 'anything else you'd like Me to know'
Time you would like the booking *
Time you would like the booking
Absolutely NO cheap hotels or private residences.
Please review My list of interests and choose from there.
Yes you should know your limits, which are things you absolutely do not want to experience. There is no such thing as "no limits".
Please be concise, I do not read long, detailed paragraphs.
Confirm that you understand that I do not provide sexual services or nudity *
Confirm you are aware you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your booking *