Mistress Tess Vanilla Corruption Party

I was invited to attend Mistress TessVanilla Corruption Party co-hosted by My close friend Goddess Cleo.

After a seven hour drive, I finally arrived at Mistress Tess’ the night before and got to hang out with My friend She Controls, Joanna Armstrong, Missy McGurk and new friend Goddess Morning Star.


The day of the party was full steam ahead as everyone began to arrive, Goddess Cleo with Foxtress, more subs for the day and all of the vanilla Ladies.

Once we were all seated in the marque with our glasses of Prosecco, the naked subs filed in with their sub names written on their chests with pink markers.

Vanilla Corruption subs

Each had filled out a form letting the Ladies and Dommes know what they were into and not into and what their limits were. The ones who did not want to be in photographs had a big ‘X’ drawn on their chests too.

After they each introduced themselves while kneeling in the grass, Mistress Tess assigned them to various groups of Ladies and the games began!

Mistress Rose (She Controls) and I immediately made use of “frilly” as Our footstool until I was invited to demonstrate a hard spanking on Twitch’s willing bum. Twitch is Goddess Cleo’s slave and was strapped to a portable spanking/pegging bench.


I gave him such a hard spanking that both My palms were bright red afterwards and he thanked Me profusely before he got plugged by Mistress Tess and then pegged by Foxtress.

red spanking hand

Next up was another sub who I strapped into a straight jacket and then spanked his twitchy bum with a heavy wooden spoon before I spotted that he had ticked “CBT” on his form.

Since his upper body was completely strapped inside the straight jacket, his genitals were exposed to Me, to which I took great pleasure in torturing by whipping his cock with the heavy lower leather strap of the straight jacket. He did not enjoy this so much but endured because I was laughing with sadistic delight at his uncomfortable predicament! I laughed in his face telling him he should be careful what he wishes for!


I then flipped him over onto his stomach, face down in the grass, so his bum would be exposed to My spanking strap.

After he took a good spanking, I allowed him to worship My feet, but he was soon being strapped again, and later caned, by lovely Mistress Sarah!

During the week I had been gifted a leather covered cane by one of My subs from My Amazon wishlist. I was so delighted to receive this gift as I find these canes so elegant. They are used in horse and pony showing shows.


My new cane needed her maiden voyage so of course, I located well-known extreme masochist Kurdy who was holding onto a pole while being whipped by a lovely vanilla Lady.

After breaking in My new cane on Kurdy’s willing bum, I cleaned the blood off his bum and My cane and welcomed her into my tool bag!

Vanilla Corruption Party fun

An absolutely wonderful, sadistic and debaucherous day was had by all and I am so glad I made the very long journey to attend.

Later that day I drove another hour up to Cambridge to visit My best friend who has just moved there a month ago. I really like Cambridge and am now seriously considering moving there too as I have been looking to move out of Cornwall for some time now.

Vanilla Corruption group photo

* all photos shared with consent

Hand and Feet Caning

Another fun session done!

Today’s CBT, face sitting, flogging and caning session began with Me whipping his cock with My riding crop, then tying up his balls and attaching severe bull clips to them and toying with the clips while he thanked Me and I laughed!

Then I went on to flogging the tip of his cock while making him stroke and become aroused despite the pain being inflicted at the same time.


Then I had him hold out his hands, palms up for Me to cane his hands until I made him stroke My ass before caning his hands again. Eventually I reclined on My sofa and had him stroke My feet and legs with his sore hands to which he thanked Me profusely and told Me how gorgeous I am.

After that I made him lie face down and present the soles of his feet to Me which I caned as I used him as My footstool.

I then had him turn over so I could smother his face with My ass in pantyhose which he loved!

To finish off the session, I changed into crotchless panties and had him lie in My bath so I could piss into his mouth. He said this was his favourite part of the session although he loved everything.

I love, love, love sessioning with respectful males who let Me enjoy Myself instead of trying to direct My every move. We have so much more fun this way!

I look forward to the next time we meet again.

I thoroughly enjoyed this mornings session and can still feel the tingle from the CBT now, it’s been a long time since I enjoyed serving someone that much and really look forward to another session in the future
Thank you for the water sports as well you
It feels good to have a Mistress to serve again
Thank you so muchI thoroughly enjoyed this mornings session and can still feel the tingle from the CBT now, it’s been a long time since I enjoyed serving someone that much and really look forward to another session in the future
Thank you for the water sports as well
It feels good to have a Mistress to serve again
Thank you so much
— C
Sadistic and sensual an exceptional Domme. Enjoyed being abused with CBT, flogging, caning and the humiliation of Madame pissing in my mouth. Thank you Madame x
— C

Ball Busted

Last week I had a session with a guy who asked for ball busting, CBT and nipple torture, and of course, being the sadist I am, I accepted his request with delight!

After the initial chat I always do at the start of every session, just to re-agree on what is to take place, I had him strip naked and kneel.

He mentioned that he was new to ball busting, so I tried out his balls with a few light taps of My biker boots. Oh yes, I was dressed as in the picture, in biker boots, leather-look trousers and a black top.

I got to a level 2 kick to the nuts and he keeled over, expressing that, that was probably as far as he could go with ball kick intensity, to which I laughed heartily at his weakness! My personal slave takes over 100 hard kicks to his nuts without complaining!

I wasn't done with torturing his balls, but I moved on to warming up his nipples with strokes and pinches and flicks of My fingers, before attaching nipple clamps to them. The clamps did not want to stay on, so I moved on to a pair of plastic bull clips I picked up while browsing the pound shop. Turns out, these are really quite severe! Eventually he was asking if I could take them off. I did, only to attach them to his tied up balls hahaha!

ball busting and CBT

So eventually, there he was, kneeling in My living room, naked, shaking and sweating, with four severe bull clips attached to his ball sack, which was tied up tight, wooden pegs biting his nipples and Me, teasing all the pegs and clips with the end of My riding crop or biker boots.

After liberating his balls from those nasty, nasty bull clips, I grabbed his nuts in My hand and then punched them with the other hand, I wanted to know which he found worse, a kick to the nuts, or a nut punch and he said without a doubt a punch to the nuts.

I guess My Muay Thai and Krav Maga training comes in handy ;)

I suddenly had the inspiration to introduce him to edging and later on, he received a ruined orgasm. Both of these things he had never heard of, so it was to My delight I watched as he begged to cum, only to be forced to stop, and then repeat again and again, while his balls and nipples were in a world of pain.

I love to mix pain and pleasure together in a session, I love how to crosses the wires in your neurology and makes you more submissive and compliant to Me.

At the end of each session, I always offer a glass of water and a wind-down chat where I ask what they enjoyed most and least in the session.

His first comments were how easy I was to get along with and that there was nothing he didn't like and would definitely be coming to see Me again.

I found it interesting when he told Me that in his regular life he is pretty dominant and calls the shots at home, but that he loved that he was at My mercy during the session and there was nothing he could do about it.

I really enjoy doing sessions with fun clients who know how to give up control and trust Me, it allows Me the space to relax and take the session where I am intuitively inspired to take it, as in this case I had him edge repeatedly and then ruined his orgasm, because that's what pleased Me in the moment.

It's important to trust Me in a session, because of course I allow you to let Me know during the session if there is anything you'd like to slow down or stop. My aim is for us both to have a great time, for it to be memorable and for you to want to see Me again.

It's always such a pleasure to session with someone who gets it, and isn't trying to direct My every move, or spring new requests on Me mid session.

When you apply for a session with Me, and I agree to allow you the session, I am agreeing to what you have asked for in the application, it is inappropriate to show up at the session with a completely different session in mind!

There is a lot of mental preparation that goes into sessions, sometimes days before, depending on what the session entails. That's part of what your non-refundable deposit pays for, the mental and emotional preparation that takes place even before you get here. That is labour performed on your behalf.

Kicks and pinches