A Thoroughly Tanned Hide

My filming sub had such a good time at his filming day that he booked to come and see Me for 1.5hrs the very next week!

He told Me he wanted to be caned, have his nipples clamped and worship My feet.

I dressed in a leather pencil skirt and corset and a pair of spikey leather heels.


When he arrived, I had him strip down to his underwear, which is always a funky pair of fishnet jocks that show off his caged member very nicely. On this day, he had remained caged, except to clean it, for 20 days. As I type this, he has stayed caged, making it 23 days.

I then had him present his nipples so I could attach the very bitey metal nipple clamps joined by a chain which I had a lot of fun pulling at and toying with over the course of the session.

I showed him the corporal punishment tools I had chosen to use on him during the session and then had him kiss both My feet in greeting before positioning him across My sofa so I could warm up his bum with some hand spanking.

I then moved on to My wooden paddle and thoroughly enjoyed getting his bum very warmed up with it!

I had been gifted a leather strap by Goddess Cleo and had not yet had the opportunity to try it out, so I had slave position himself on his elbows and knees in front of Me, head down ass up style, before I went to town on his bum with the strap.

I didn’t like the position, so I stood over him facing his backside and walloped him good from that position which was much more fun, for Me at least haha!

I then took a break, putting My feet up on his back while I checked My social media and let him contemplate his burning buttocks.


With his bum now very warm and red, I had him bend over a chair ready for My cane. He took at least 50 hard strokes and would have taken more, but as we are training his bum for harder caning, I let him off, for now. 


Slave was a very good boy and was then allowed to kneel at My feet while I teased his nippled with My toes which he liked very much. I then allowed him to massage My legs and feet while we chatted about the session and wound down. 

Just before I allowed him to dress, I removed his nipple clamps. I started with the left one and removed it slowly, but with the right one, I pulled it off quickly and laughed sadistically at his pain hahaha! 

A few days later I checked in with him and he told Me his bum misses Me! hahaha!

Watch Me cane him in this clip here

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