Bristol - Aug 2018

My first visit to the city of Bristol was made possible by My best friend holding Her 30th birthday there, so I took this opportunity to go up the day before and so that I could explore the city and host an appointment with one of My long time Twitter admirers.

Firstly however, I got to meet up with the lovely Goddess Amber Mae, a firm friend of Mine online for a long time, it was wonderful to finally meet Her in person shortly before She left the UK to move back to Belgium.

Later that evening, I hosted an appointment with My bootslave admirer, wearing a shiny pair of PVC stiletto boots he had purchased for Me before hand.

As I do not enjoy drinking hotel water, I made sure he brought Me a 2ltr bottle of Evian as a token of his appreciation for making time for an appointment with him while on My personal trip.

As he was so well mannered and respectful, I surprised him by inviting him to take Me out to dinner near My hotel and we ended up in a fantastic Mexican canteen eating a sharing plate of tacos and sipping on delicious margaritas.