Mistress Tess Vanilla Corruption Party

I was invited to attend Mistress TessVanilla Corruption Party co-hosted by My close friend Goddess Cleo.

After a seven hour drive, I finally arrived at Mistress Tess’ the night before and got to hang out with My friend She Controls, Joanna Armstrong, Missy McGurk and new friend Goddess Morning Star.


The day of the party was full steam ahead as everyone began to arrive, Goddess Cleo with Foxtress, more subs for the day and all of the vanilla Ladies.

Once we were all seated in the marque with our glasses of Prosecco, the naked subs filed in with their sub names written on their chests with pink markers.

Vanilla Corruption subs

Each had filled out a form letting the Ladies and Dommes know what they were into and not into and what their limits were. The ones who did not want to be in photographs had a big ‘X’ drawn on their chests too.

After they each introduced themselves while kneeling in the grass, Mistress Tess assigned them to various groups of Ladies and the games began!

Mistress Rose (She Controls) and I immediately made use of “frilly” as Our footstool until I was invited to demonstrate a hard spanking on Twitch’s willing bum. Twitch is Goddess Cleo’s slave and was strapped to a portable spanking/pegging bench.


I gave him such a hard spanking that both My palms were bright red afterwards and he thanked Me profusely before he got plugged by Mistress Tess and then pegged by Foxtress.

red spanking hand

Next up was another sub who I strapped into a straight jacket and then spanked his twitchy bum with a heavy wooden spoon before I spotted that he had ticked “CBT” on his form.

Since his upper body was completely strapped inside the straight jacket, his genitals were exposed to Me, to which I took great pleasure in torturing by whipping his cock with the heavy lower leather strap of the straight jacket. He did not enjoy this so much but endured because I was laughing with sadistic delight at his uncomfortable predicament! I laughed in his face telling him he should be careful what he wishes for!


I then flipped him over onto his stomach, face down in the grass, so his bum would be exposed to My spanking strap.

After he took a good spanking, I allowed him to worship My feet, but he was soon being strapped again, and later caned, by lovely Mistress Sarah!

During the week I had been gifted a leather covered cane by one of My subs from My Amazon wishlist. I was so delighted to receive this gift as I find these canes so elegant. They are used in horse and pony showing shows.


My new cane needed her maiden voyage so of course, I located well-known extreme masochist Kurdy who was holding onto a pole while being whipped by a lovely vanilla Lady.

After breaking in My new cane on Kurdy’s willing bum, I cleaned the blood off his bum and My cane and welcomed her into my tool bag!

Vanilla Corruption Party fun

An absolutely wonderful, sadistic and debaucherous day was had by all and I am so glad I made the very long journey to attend.

Later that day I drove another hour up to Cambridge to visit My best friend who has just moved there a month ago. I really like Cambridge and am now seriously considering moving there too as I have been looking to move out of Cornwall for some time now.

Vanilla Corruption group photo

* all photos shared with consent