Tickle Tortured

I had the thorough pleasure of administering a tickle torture session to a young man the other day.

To My delight, his entire body was sensitive to being tickled and so I had plenty to torture during the hour.

I had him lie down on the bed, tied his wrists together above his head and got to work!

First I started tickling his very ticklish feet with My fingernails, before grabbing hold of his ankles and mercilessly tickling his feet with a toothbrush as well as a dog grooming brush which has natural bristles on one side and metal bristles on the other, providing a variety of sensation.

I then moved on to his under arms and hips, and got a thorough work out making him squirm and squeal like a little ticklish pig!


Sensual Domination with OTK spanking, tickling and flogging

I do love fresh meat, especially when it’s young and toned with beautiful skin that responds to My hand spanks and sharp nails perfectly!

I had a young man come round to My house recently to film more corporal punishment for My Femdom videos store, we discussed over-the-knee spanking, paddling and flogging, but I also discovered, to My sadistic delight, that he is a very ticklish boy too!

After a chat, I ordered him to disrobe, fold his clothes neatly and place them in a pile out of the way. Then I had him lie over My lap. While the way My subs, slaves and clients look bears no importance to Me, I do enjoy a young man with a beautifully toned body.

His pert little bum was perfectly placed and eager to receive the spanking I gave him. He struggled and squirmed in My lap a few times, but especially when I scraped My nails down his back and brushed My finger tips along his tender places, alternating spanking pain and tickle torture repeatedly while I laughed at his pain and pleasure.


You can watch the erotic and sensual otk spanking clip we filmed here.

I then shoved him off My lap and ordered him to worship My feet!


When I got bored of that, I had him stand with his hands on the sideboard in My living room. It was time for his flogging. I warmed his bum up again with My black leather flogger until he was squirming, then I leaned My body against his, stroking My hands all over him sensually, whispering in his ears how he is My toy to do with as I please.

I continued to flog his upper back and alternate between sensual strokes of his body, wiring his mind to take more pain for Me by programming pleasure in with the pain. Needless to say he was in a very happy subspace!

To his surprise, I rewarded him by making him kneel and kiss My ample bum all over before I ended our session by allowing him to massage and worship My feet and lower legs while we chatted about the session and wound down from our respective highs.


Watch Me sensually dominate and flog him in this clip here.

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