Torture Garden - September 2017

I love to visit London and this weekend was so much fun!

When I reserved My hotel, one of My slaves paid for Me to book into the hotel spa for a massage with a bottle of Prosecco and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. It was so lovely to be relaxed and pampered after My flight and in preparation for the night ahead.

The first evening I met with She Controls and an American pin up model friend of Mine who was in London and her friend and we all went to the gorgeous pink velvet restaurant Sketch and had an absolutely delicious meal while She Controls and I giggled over the fact that our two vanilla friends had never heard of chastity before! Mistress Rose then pulled out a photo of Her slave in his chrome chastity belt to the utter shock of our vanilla friends which had Us Dommes in fits of laughter!

The following evening we met up again, this time with additional friends Madame G, Her sissy slave and Her sub husband and off we went to Torture Garden!

There are no photos allowed at TG, but I managed to snap this photo of Myself in the corridor outside the loos after a very hot and sweaty flogging session I performed on Madame Gā€™s willing sissy slut.

I drew a very amorous crowd while flogging her sweet little bum and had quite a number of people come up to Me to tell Me how talented I am with a flogger and how much it turned them on to watch Me.

Torture Garden, Sketch, London Foot Party - 4.jpg

Mistress Rose and I had quite a fun night at TG! We spent most of it simply people watching and fending off advances from various people, before we pretending to be a couple so we could get into the sex rooms and be voyuers.

An absolutely excellent night was had by all!